Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zoe's first date

Last night Zoe went on her first date.
With her Dad.
We decided it was time for her to go on her first date when I overheard her and Kasey* talking about boys late last year (and yes she is only six). Actually it was Kasey telling Zoe which boys liked her.   I talked to Zoe about it later and she said lots of girls in her class have boyfriends.
Me: What does it mean if you have a boyfriend?
Zoe: You go out and hold hands and stuff
Me: Do the girls in your class do that with their boyfriends?
Zoe: They hold hands at lunchtime sometimes. Lana* says that her and David* go to the cafe      together but she's lying because they are only six.
Me: Do any of them kiss?
Zoe: The big kids do at school
Me: In the playground?
Zoe: No they go to the wheelchair toilet because there are no kids in wheelchairs at our school.
How romantic!
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Zoe: Matthew* likes me but I don't want a boyfriend
Me: Why not?
Zoe: Because I'm only five and it's silly to have boyfriends when your five.
Me: Zoe Jane - you are a very smart girl.  
So we decided that Dad would take her on a date.  Having boyfriends is mostly about feeling special and loved and her Dad should be taking the lead role there anyway.
It reminded me of a  conversation between Dad and Zoe one night (she was 4) when he was putting her to bed......
Zoe: I'm getting big now
Dad: You certainly are
Zoe: When I get bigger and have a boyfriend then I need
 to have another bed for my boyfriend because he will need his own bed.
Damn right he will!!!

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