Monday, February 7, 2011

Honouring the Treaty

Sending my kids along to Kohanga is one little way that I try and honour the Treaty of Waitangi.  
I have struggled with learning Te Reo myself but I have learnt so many other things through my involvement...
....about what it's like to be in the minority
....about whanau
....about dealing with frustration
....about wisdom
....about respect.

For me honouring the Treaty today starts with stepping out of my comfort zone for the sake of others – to speak and live against injustice.
Being willing to allow myself to be changed for the sake of others. 
Sometimes I wonder if having my kids at Kohanga is just some idealistic social experiment on my part and that it will just confuse my children.….
Then I watch as a 7 year old boy teaches my son how to gently hongi a baby and I feel so privileged that my family gets to be a part of this.

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