Thursday, February 24, 2011


Another big earthquake today. 
There will probably be sporadic blogging for a while.  
We have gone to stay with relatives out of town - feeling heartbroken and overwhelmed and guilty leaving my community behind but decided I can't be much use with the three little ones to care for so best to get them away and safe.

Bexley - a communtiy reeling from the quake - Campbell Live - Video - 3 News

Realising just how much I love my neighbourhood and the people there.  
Hoping that everyone stays safe and that the help needed arrives.


Kerryn said...

Love you guys. So sorry we can't be there to help/hug/have a cup of tea and a cry together. xxx

Keren said...

Lots of love Michelle - I'm a silent but regular lurker on your blog, and I'd forgotten how good you are at writing (to be fair, our school days are a looong time ago!).