Monday, February 14, 2011

True or....Pretend?

Kasey* has become a regular feature at our house.  She is one of Zoe's friends from school and one day she figured out where Zoe lived and has been here every other day since.  She often turns up just after school finishes and hangs around till teatime - I get the feeling she is expected to stay out of the way at home till then.   
She lives just around the corner with her Nanna as her mum is in prison.  The first time she showed up at our house I asked if her Nanna knew where she was - not likely. So I rang her Nanna to introduce myself and let her know where Kasey was - I'm sure her Nanna thinks I'm a bit weird now.  

Kasey is always making things up like 'It's my birthday tomorrow'(at least once a fortnight) and 'My mum gets out of prison next week and she's taking me to Australia.'(or something similar).  I am not sure if she really believes what she is saying or just likes to pretend - probably a bit of both.  
Much to our surprise her mum actually did turn up to pick her up on the weekend so I'm hoping for Kasey that she'll have a lot more 'real' things to look forward to this year.

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Jenn said...

Really enjoying your blog Michelle, you're awesome!