Friday, February 11, 2011

Hamish moments

I have managed to recover some more of my old blogs - YAY!  
So here is a collection of some of my favourite Hamish moments....

Orange on a toothpick  

Hamish's latest Plunket stats.... Weight - 20th percentile. Height - 50th percentile. Head Circumference - 90th percentile. No wonder the poor boy can't walk yet.  31 January 2008

You know you are breastfeeding a boy when......

they make car noises and drive their hand around your boob like it's a race track - it's so time to wean!  September 2008

One for for me.... 

I came home from the dentist today after having two teeth taken out. I was under orders by Zoe that I had to bring the teeth home for her to see. I took the teeth out and laid them both in my palm.  Zoe picked one up to have a closer look and Hamish, thinking the other one must be for him, quickly picked it up and put it in his mouth - yummy!  August 2009 

No toy guns in our house
My son has found my old breast pump...and is now running around pretending to shoot everyone with it.  October 2009

Mother's day presents 

A glittery angel  from Zoe and a back scrubber from Hamish. "Thankyou Hamish is this for scrubbing my back in the shower?" Hamish - "no it's for scrubbing the floor." May 2010

How encouraging
Hamish and Zoe are pretending to feed their baby dolls...Hamish: "I'm feeding my baby I need some space please." At least I know he listens to me even if he ignores it when I say it! July 2010

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