Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love thy neighbour....

Many of you know how 'interesting' our relationship has been with one of our neighbours.  One of my favourite moments would have to be a warm summer's evening when Iain and I were out on the front deck enjoying a quiet beer.  Stacey* started chatting away to us over the fence having enjoyed quite a few beers herself.
Stacey: 'Hey do you guys watch adult movies?'
Us: (mumbling and trying not to make her feel silly for asking....)'ummmm, not really....'
Stacey: 'Just wait I'll go get it - it's so funny.'
We hear one of the kids call out from the bedroom...
"I'll get it!" I race to the door leaving my lovely husband behind to talk to Stacey ; -)
I come back and Stacey has gone, Iain has the DVD 'Puppetry of the Penis'.  Whew - that's not as bad as I was thinking!
Stacey is quite sober and embarrassed when I return the dvd a few days later.
Stacey: 'What did you think of it?'
Me: 'It was funny but they're not that clever - my wee boy does half those tricks every time I change his nappy.'

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Deb said...

LOL! soooo funny :)