Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally, a question about God that I CAN answer....

Zoe: "Is God long Mummy?"
Me: "I'm not sure what you mean..."
Zoe:  "Is God a person?"
Me: "Well, kind of..."
Zoe: "Is God a pumpkin?"
Me: "No Zoe, God is not a pumpkin."

And that's just one conversation of many. From the age of 3 Zoe has been asking crazy questions about God - Where does God live? What clothes does God wear? Who made God?  We don't actually talk about God that much - we're pretty slack on the saying grace and prayers stuff but still it's like she has an inherent spirituality that has nothing to do with us.
For awhile Zoe carried around an old pocket Bible with her everywhere and would pretend to read it.   One day we were having a discussion about chickens and I told Zoe that a girl chicken was called a hen and a boy chicken was called a rooster.  
Zoe: "It is not called a rooster."
Me: "It is Zoe - a boy chicken is called a rooster."
Zoe whipped out her pocket bible...."Let's see what Jesus says."


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