Friday, February 4, 2011

Kohanga Reo

Three years ago my friend and I rocked up to the local Kohanga Reo to enrol our children.  
We were met with surprise when we explained that our children have no Maori ancestory and were asked to explain why we were chosing to bring our kids to Kohanga.  
There are many reasons and some of them are....
- I knew the value in children learning a second language and since New Zealand is supposedly bilingual I thought it made sense for my children to learn Maori.
- It is just around the corner from us.
- I wanted my children to grow up with an understanding of other cultures and to understand the special place of Maori as tangata whenua of NZ.
-I wanted to increase my own understanding of te reo and tikanga.

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Tashmica said...

This is wonderful! I drag my oldest to all sorts of social justice events for the same reasons..kind of. I want him to know more of the world and to love all of the unique differences he finds.