Thursday, February 10, 2011

Artistic Flair

I refuse to have my kids enrolled in every after school activity under the sun so the plan is that they get to choose one thing to try at a time - so far we've done ballet and gymnastics.
Zoe wants to do art classes this year - luckily I have found an inexpensive laid back gallery in Brighton that runs classes for kids.  She has always been good at art - here is her artistic version of her name at age 3.

The problem is she likes to draw/write on everything...

In the first week of school she snuck out of the classroom with some crayons and decorated the bathroom.
Then there was the time that we thought the children were all tucked in and peacefully sleeping....until we heard the giggling...
Just you try telling that off!

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Tashmica said...

That is so cute. I have a lot of spots on my walls with that kind of love written all over it. Chink in my armor indeed!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I am certainly not a homeschooling mom of 10 goddess. I am a lover of how Christ loved people. I am excited to know you are a derby mama too! We will have to commiserate :)