Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big changes for my little man....

We made a hard decision this week.  
We took Hamish out of kohanga and enrolled him in the local kindergarten.  Many of you will know how important it has been to me to have my family involved with kohanga (see Kohanga Reo, Kohanga Reo 2, Honouring the Treaty) so it was difficult to decide that it was the best thing for Hamish to go elsewhere.   
He had been finding it so hard after the earthquake - with so many of his friends gone and 4 staff leaving as well, he would come home and talk about the people that weren't there anymore.  
One of the two staff still here went away for a couple of weeks and our kohanga joined with another while she was gone.  She got back this week and let us know that she would be leaving for good and it just got too hard for us to stay. 
So much constant change and uncertainty for my little man who loves structure and predictability.  With only 6 months left till he starts school we decided it was time for one last change and then, hopefully, a bit of stability.  
I am grateful for all that kohanga has meant for my family and I will always treasure the time that we had there.  It's hard to let go of my own ideals in order to do what is best for my children and I will still have a bit of grieving to do I'm sure.   
But for now the new kindy is awesome, they use quite a lot of Te Reo there and it is literally a stones throw away from our house.  Many of the other children will be going onto the same school as Hamish and I am getting to know some of the other parents better.  
And to finish on a light note:  
Zoe and Hamish were playing in a hut they made in the lounge the other day.  Zoe came out with a funny smile and told me that they were pretending to be in bed and were kissing and cuddling - "I was being the mummy."  
Hamish appeared out of the hut after her....
Me:  "And were you being the daddy?"  I asked Hamish
Hamish: "No, I was being the postman."

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