Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mind games and other Blockers - Part three.

You might want to read Part One  and Part Two first.

Blocker 3
I have always been something of a wuss.
I have spent most of my life avoiding anything that could possibly be painful or unpleasant for me.  This is a good survival technique by itself but when you combine it with my extremely vivid and overactive imagination it becomes a little limiting.  There is danger and death lurking around every corner and I'm not going round it thank you very much!  
When I was a kid I was too scared to do anything daring.  
I was the kid who was too chicken to hang upside down on the bars at school.  My dad once had to bet me $10 to cross a swing bridge before I could summon up enough courage to do it.  I'm scared of injections, spiders, flying and even going on hydroslides.  
So why on earth would I take up Roller Derby?  A sport where I am practically guaranteed to injure myself?  A sport where I have to willingly throw myself at the floor to practice my falling technique? 
I'm not entirely sure actually, but I know that facing up to that part of me is part of the attraction.  
You see I have come to realise that the reality of the pain and discomfort is nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be.  And I am actually pretty tough under it all.  
After being terrified about giving birth I managed to do it three times with no pain relief.  In fact my last midwife told me that the ward midwives assumed I was a farmers' wife I was that staunch.  
And I love how I felt after giving birth - like a brave, powerful woman who could handle anything. 
I'm not having any more children just to experience that feeling again so derby it is from now on.  

Playing derby is very similar to giving birth actually...empowering, painful, exhausting, exhilarating, and you have to be a woman to do it!
Reading back over these last few blogs it all seems a little daunting actually and I wonder why I don't just give up.  Well for a start, I have spent way too much money on gear....but also it is some of the most fun I have ever had.  
I love how strong it makes me feel when I finally manage to learn a new skill.  
I love that I am getting just that little bit fitter and stronger every week.  
I love watching the old meat practice and knowing that if I stick with it I can learn how to do that. 
I love that there is a team full of women helping me get there. 
I love that my daughters get to watch me being brave and trying something new.  
I love that I know that I'm not going to give up trying to get past the blockers.

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