Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I hate......

....I hate that I knew it was worthwhile to get a coffee loyalty card when I got my Flat White at the hospital today.
....I hate that I know how to find my way through the maze of corridors to the Child Cancer unit.
....I hate that I now know how to spell leukemia and what A.L.L. means
....I hate that every cough or sniffle from my children now grips my heart with fear
....I hate that there is so little that I can do to help
....but most of all I hate seeing my lovely curly-mopped nephew looking so sick and I hate that his family have such a long road of treatment in front of them.
I am so aware of how fragile it all is.  
I am also aware of what a wonderful gift NORMAL is.
One visit to the doctor, 
or one mass of rock straining and fracturing against another, 
and it's all changed.  Normal is gone.  
Now I am grateful for even glimpses of it. 
For those of you reading this who still have your normal 
don't just exist in it, 
be sure to experience it - enjoy it - be thankful for it.

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