Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Longest Fortnight

Time has definately slowed down since the earthquake.  
It seems like such a long time ago that we packed up the car and drove to Blenheim, not sure when we would be coming back.  It was such a weird thing to have to do, like getting our Red Cross evacuee number, something you think you only hear about other people doing.  
We are all incredibly tired.  I keep having random moments of nausea when the reality of what has happened hits me.  My husband has had constant headaches.  Zoe is more demanding than usual. Hamish has reverted to pre-toilet training. Erin refuses to be put in her cot while awake leaving me no option but rocking her to sleep for every nap.  I have next to no energy - doing the simplest of tasks like going to the supermarket leaves me exhausted.  
And then I feel guilty for finding it hard.  
Our house is standing, the business is surviving, we are all alive.  I am immeasurably grateful for all these things and I know for so many people in Christchurch the loss is so great.  I think that is partly why I am tired - so much grief and so close. 
We get to go home in a couple of days, I am so looking forward to being back.   

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Kerryn C said...

Oh Michelle, my heart goes out to you. Thinking of you often. Wish there was some way I could help. Lots of love.