Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to life....

It is so good to be back in our wee house, in our community.

Some things have changed.....

I do like how Mr Earthquake styled my paintings...

my kitchen...not so much!

At least I still have coffee.
We were driving to a friends house last night and got some great sewerage smells wafting into the car.  
"Ewww - that smells yucky" complained Hamish.
Zoe's reply blew me away: "Let's try and ignore the yucky smell Hamish and think about all the lovely things people are doing to help instead."
Yes - let's.


Jenn said...

Zoe = Awesome. Must've had some good role modeling to come up with something like that though - well done!
Feel free to come over for showers/washing machine use.

tartankiwi said...

Aw, thats gorgeous! Be very proud of your week girl!!!