Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This fantastic piece of failure was written as a part of the Mother Flippin': One Funny Mother Fallen Quiche Friday series. A Fallen Quiche moment is a celebration of failure.  Please read to the end to find a list of links to other bloggers who admit failure with a bit of a laugh.  Now we know that we are not alone.
Today I remembered why it is so hard to be involved in any type of community work when you've got littlies.  I find it incredibly frustrating - there is so much I want to be involved in and help out with but the reality is I'm usually stuck at home doing the mundane.  A shame really considering that I end up missing out on the stuff that would energise and excite me rather than drain and exhaust!  It is the reality of my life for now though so I try and squeeze some community stuff around the edges - which is one of the reasons I decided to write this blog.  Everything I read about community mission seemed to be from the point of view of people who did it as a job and I wanted to reflect on it in a way that was perhaps a little more common, a little more realistic for most of us.
So back to todays fail.  
I had noticed last week that a lot of parents were hanging around at the school rather than going home so I talked to the principal about having a whanau space where they could go and get some coffee, tea, support and that I was happy to help with it.  She thought that was a great idea so the school library was the chosen space and an invite went home with the kids that day.  
So today started with a sleep-in.  
Then an incredibly grumpy mum yelling instructions to her kids about getting ready while she threw her clothes on and got the baby ready.  
Which led to very uncooperative children (understandably so - they were being yelled at by a rather unreasonable woman) and various meltdowns about shoes, socks and hair ties.  
We drove a little too quickly down the earthquake wobbled roads to school and when we got there (only a few minutes late I might add...) there were no other parents in sight.  It seems they had all got over their earthquake worries and were quite happy to drop the kids at the school gate and head home.  
Being a person who likes to keep my word I trotted off to the library anyway just in case someone might turn up.  Hamish looked at a few books while I took the chance to feed Erin.  
We had been there less than 5 minutes when Hamish informed me:  
"I need to poo."  
Usually a small hassle but a rather large hassle when the school doesn't have a working sewerage system. 
That's when I gave up. That's when I remembered why I don't try and do 'intentional' community work much anymore. 

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