Friday, October 14, 2011

Derby Firsts

So having not been swept to sea by a tsunami last week (Wave of crazy)
...many thanks to those who interceded on behalf of the sinful people of East Christchurch and saved us from God's impending wrath....
I had an awesome weekend of Derby firsts..first boot camp, first public appearance on skates and got to watch my first live bouts. 
The bootcamp was completely overwhelming.  
One of the main things I noticed was how hard everyone hit me - I knew my league were nice to me as a freshie but it was an eyeopener to train with girls from so many different leagues who had no idea I was such a wuss.  
It was great - once I got used to it I discovered how much fun it is to get hit hard and how much easier it makes it to hit other people hard.  
Having said that I did fumble and stumble my way through most of the day feeling like I would never be good enough to actually bout.  
So to stop myself from getting too discouraged I focused on getting slightly better than I was.  So in the one footed slalom I completely sucked but by the end I sucked slightly less.  
I also decided that if at the end of the day I would be able to name one major skill I was better at - you guessed it...falling- I was awesome at falling by the end of the day.

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