Friday, November 4, 2011

Running on empty.

Maybe I'm allergic to Santa??  
Every year about now, when the silly season kicks into gear and the shops put up their Christmas decorations, my mental health plummets.  
It's not because I overdo it - it happens before the calendar is full of end of year events and the 'things to do before 25th December' list is written. 
I thought this year might be different, with all the extra exercise and taking care of myself but no, here I am again...struggling to get through the day.  
It's almost like my tank isn't big enough to get me to the end of the year - the warning light starts to flicker in October and by November I'm free wheeling it, desperately looking around for someone to give me a much needed push or tow so I can make it to the end.  
Anyone know where I can upgrade to a bigger tank for next year??  
Or maybe I just need to adjust my driving style so I don't use up as much fuel.......

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