Monday, January 24, 2011

Third Baby Syndrome

Our third baby is our cruisy baby - finally! She only has moments of intenseness and it's usually pretty easy to convince her that everything's okay and she can chill out.  I know that she is just naturally inclined that way but she also has no option - I simply don't have any time or energy to deal with another difficult baby.  
I am very grateful though because if she had any tendency towards being a stressed, wound up baby we have plenty of reasons (namely two.....) for her to get stressed and wound up around here - her siblings do LOVE her as much as they can.
We are also a lot more relaxed as parents - and like the 'chicken and the egg' I'm not sure which came first - the chilled baby or the chilled parents.  Most likely a combination of the two.  
The dummies don't get washed as much, she gets to sleep in our bed a little more often, we don't move her away when she can see the tv, and we let her try chocolate before she was one....

 and she seems to be surviving.

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Jenn said...

she is delicious!