Friday, January 21, 2011

The girl in the red dress.

I was dishing tea up on Wednesday when I turned around and saw a gorgeous wee girl standing next to me.  She was about 3 years old.  She wore a beautiful little dress.
"Hello - what's your name?" I asked and she just smiled.
"Where are you from?"...another smile...
"Does your mum know where you are?" She shakes her head and walks past me and down our hallway.  She hunts out where the toys are and sits down in front of Zoe's dollhouse and starts playing.  
The neighbour has been having a bit of a get together that afternoon so I assume that she's come from there...
"Have you been next door at Stacey's* house?"...nods head...."Is you Mum there?"...another nod.
"What's  your name sweetheart?" 
I get her to choose something to take with her and then take her back next door. Her Mum hasn't noticed that she was missing.  As I am talking to Stacey a partygoer gestures to her that it's time to go in and do drugs so she awkwardly finishes the conversation and heads in. 
I am haunted by Kya.    
I wonder what her life is like.


Miss Bonnie said...

Oh my. Is this for real? That's desperately sad.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, ouch - that would be hard to deal with... it would really haunt me also.

Jenn said...

wow, its a different world out there for some aye?