Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I read this blog post awhile back and decided it was something I would try with my Zoe.  
My Zoe who I can't get to sit still long enough to listen to me when I want to talk properly with her.  
My Zoe who has a bottomless pit of need when it comes to encouragement, love and affection. 
My Zoe who I find myself telling off all the time.  
And when I come to tuck my Zoe in at night I realise I probably haven't said a positive word to her all day so I try and end it on a good note by kissing her goodnight and telling her I love her.  
It's usually less than 5 minutes after that that she's up out of bed and pushing some boundary....again....so the telling off starts....again.....

That's why the diary idea in the blog appealed to me - I can write positive things down for her...special messages and she can read them whenever she wants, as often as she wants and know what I love about her.  
We started it two days ago and so far she is loving it....I am getting lots of 'I love you Mummy's' throughout the day, and it's not just when she wants something.  
I can't say that I've noticed any decline in the amount of telling off required but she does seem a little more responsive when I do tell her off.
She seems more contented for now and I am hoping it will last.
In true Zoe style, here is her second note to me in the book.......

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Angela Noelle said...

Her note is HILARIOUS. This idea is so sweet -- I've seen a few different takes on it, and each is special. I look forward to using it when I have a reader-writer.