Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking time to see the flowers....

Wednesday was hard.  Harder than I expected.
But today is easier because of it.  
It was healing to stop, press pause and remember.  
To acknowledge the impact of what happened that day.  
To pay respect to those lost.  
To admire the bravery and courage and tenacity shown since then.  

And the flowers were awesome.  
You see, road cones are everywhere in Christchurch now.  They are as much a feature of our landscape as powerpoles, trees even.  You can't drive anywhere without going through roadworks of some kind, or swerving around a cone left to mark the latest hole in the road from the aftershocks.  
Driving through rows of them, each with a flower, some with entire bunches of flowers, in them made me cry.  
Little bits of hope crammed in to each one.  
A collective act of defiance against the destruction.  
In the midst of the mess, we will make something beautiful from it.

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Deb Robertson said...

I agree, Wednesday was so hard, way harder than expected, it crept up on us. Hope you feeling ok as the new year begins!!