Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Okay it's official.
Derby has taken over my life.
I eat, drink and sleep it - yes I even dream about it.  
I don't look at anything on the internet anymore that isn't to do with derby.  When I am in a clothes shop I am not interested in buying anything that I can't skate in.  I would hate to think how much money I have already spent on skates, wheels, bearings....
I have always had an addictive personality so it's no great surprise that I've been sucked in so well, but it does seem to me that it happens to most people who enter the derby world.  
When I was thinking of joining my league I was told that one of the practice venues was on the outskirts of town - a considerable drive from where I live, "Oh I don't think I'll be able to go to those practices' I innocently remarked.  
The derby veteran said nothing in response - just knowingly smiled to herself.  She knew that before long I'd happily drive twice the distance just to put my skates on!
In fact, my whole family has caught the derby bug.  
Iain is very good at researching which wheels/bearings are the best deal as well as teaching me how my skates actually work.  
Zoe loves wearing her skates too and has told everyone that she plays Roller Derby 'with the big girls' - she even picked out a derby name: Pip Squeak.
Hamish does knee slides everywhere - home, footpath (ouch), supermarket.  
And the other day when I was putting my skates on Erin went and got my pads and brought them over to me one by one - even she knows the drill!  
I'm sure it will settle into the background a bit more as time goes on but for now it's been great to have something besides earthquakes to think about.
I am halfway through the skills testing and pretty stoked with how I've done - my two big obstacles will be the 25 laps and the jump but I will get there.  
Then I will be a REAL derby girl.
Still don't understand why I love it so much?
Just check out the fantastic group of people I get to hang out with.....

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