Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finding my Fit

I have never been a sporty person, ever.  I am one of the most unfit, nonathletic people I know.  I also know that my life improves dramatically when I do exercise.  I eat better, I sleep better and my depression and anxiety are also much better.  I have tried yoga, swimming and running (oh yes I did) but being a very social being I couldn't stick at these solo efforts for very long.  And my memories of school sport have made me way too embarrassed and insecure to take part in any team sport...until Now.   
Now I am exercising at least a little everyday, Now I can't wait until the next training session, Now I even own a mouthguard. Now I have started Roller Derby.   
And I am having so much fun.  
Even though I used to be an 80's child living in roller skates I'm pretty useless so far.  I'm not exactly in peak physical condition and after three children my core strength is nonexistent!  I managed to fall quite decently and injure myself at my first training session so now I'm a bit of a wuss about falling over (not helpful when training for Derby!) but I think I'll get there.  
One of the things I like most is the team awesome team of supportive women of all shapes and backgrounds.  It's okay to ask questions, it's okay to start at the bottom, it's okay to get it wrong, it's okay to not have the perfect athlete's body.   
To be honest I think it's making me a better mum as well - it's the first time since Zoe was born more than 6 years ago that I have put a significant amount of my energy into anything that wasn't centered around being a mum.  I used to think that the advice to 'look after yourself first' as a mum was a bit selfish but I am so much more patient with them now that I have somewhere to let loose a little.  Anyone else had this experience??


Anonymous said...

at the being a better mum comment, just be careful or you will children will end up loving derby to and strangers will look at you disapprovingly when you hip check them in public. My daughter now trys to sneak up and hip check me when I dont expect it

Michelle said...

Nice - my daughter was practising her 'booty blocking' after training today!