Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling the love....

This week our family has been feeling the love from others.  
Every child at Zoe's school got given a beanie to help keep them warm if we lose power over the winter.  They looked so cute all walking home with their special beanies on.  People from all over the world knitted them and each one came with a special note as well.
Then at kohanga on Friday every family was given a lovely care package 
and every Mum was given a special Mother's day box
The most awesome thing was the beautiful cards and notes that came with them.
People from all over New Zealand had put together the packages to show that they care and are thinking of the people of Christchurch.  And just so you know "Ruby Room 5 Raumati South School" the boxes did make us happy.
Thanks everyone.

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