Monday, April 11, 2011


"It can't happen again!"  
It's what I was thinking when I was holding on tightly to Erin and to the bed so that we didn't get thrown across the room. I wasn't thinking about all the stuff I could hear breaking, I wasn't thinking about Iain at work or even the kids at school and kohanga - it was just 
"You've got to kidding me? Again?!"
And it's what I was thinking when I was sitting in the doctors office with Erin last weekend.  A week earlier my nephew had been whisked to the hospital for tests after a seemingly normal trip to the doctor - it had ended with him in Christchurch to start treatment for leukemia.  And here I was popping into see the doctor about Erins sore leg and after a clear xray we too were being whisked to the hospital for tests.  I was assured that it was not going to be anything sinister like cancer but just like the 6.3 the epicentre was even closer this time.  
 So two days in the hospital - more clear xrays, a clear MRI and clear blood tests- we have a semi-diagnosis of 'irritable hip' which will apparently go away by itself.  
Once again I am appreciating the Normal that I take for granted everyday - like my precious babies and how sweet and fragile they are.

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Yummommylicious said...

It's heartbreaking when our kids are sick, and this is more heartbreaking. I hope all is well with your baby!