Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Oldies

More past blogs.....

“I’ve got a big tummy like Daddy’s”
“Nanni is a good kisser, but Mummy is the best kisser”
(14 Oct 2007)

Everything is about poo these days....Zoe makes up some lovely songs…
“Baa baa poo sheep
Poo poo poo
Poo for the mummy
Poo for the dad
pop the booby
who lives down the lane.”
(22 Oct 2007)

Zoe was examining her Dad’s hairy chest this evening and pretended to eat his booby…
“I’m eating your booby Daddy”
“Oh really - what does it taste like?”
“ummm, fear” (23 Oct 2007)

You know the one, the one Zoe was singing yesterday....it starts with…
“Jesus did a poo on his head...”(4 Nov 2007)

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